Salman khawar

I believe in the transformative power of education, and I am driven to inspire a love for learning in my students. By fostering their curiosity and critical thinking skills, I aim to empower them to become lifelong learners, equipped to face the challenges of the modern world.

Biography test

Hello, I’m Salman Khawar, a dedicated teacher and aspiring Chartered Accountant (CA). With a passion for both education and finance, I am committed to imparting knowledge and guiding students on their academic journey. As a teacher, I believe in the transformative power of education. I strive to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment where students can develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. I understand the importance of adapting teaching methods to suit the individual needs and learning styles of my students, ensuring that each one can thrive and reach their full potential. In addition to my role as an educator, I am currently pursuing the prestigious Chartered Accountancy qualification. This pursuit not only enhances my knowledge of accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial management but also equips me with a comprehensive understanding of the business world. I am excited to bring my theoretical knowledge and practical insights into the classroom, providing students with real-world examples and applications.

Professional Skills

Planning 80%
Consulting 95%
Management 89%
Development 90%