Mahar Haroon Sagheer

Equipped with advanced technological skills, I leverage various digital tools and platforms to deliver dynamic and personalized lessons. From creating captivating multimedia presentations to designing interactive activities, I ensure that each student's unique learning needs are met in the online setting.

Biography test

I am a highly motivated and dedicated English teacher with experience teaching both children and adults in various educational settings in Lahore, Pakistan. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and are currently pursuing a Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT). I also have additional training in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and early childhood development.  I have language skills include proficiency in English and Urdu, as well as basic knowledge of Chinese and Turkish. I also have strong digital skills and proficient in various software and applications such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and social media. I have additional skills that include team management, active listening, good communication, flexibility, good time management, creativity, problem-solving, and project management. I have received various honors and awards for my academic and extracurricular achievements, including recognition for my work in promoting peace and cultural awareness.

Professional Skills

Effective Communication: 80%
Classroom Management 95%
Pedagogical Knowledge 89%
Adaptability and Flexibility 90%